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This piece was recognized by RL Solutions as the winner of the 2018 Impact and Innovation Award

typography | motion graphics

The purpose behind this project is to illustrate the social need for increasing fluency in sign language among the general public to foster human connection. This motion graphics piece features expressive typography to bring life to simple subtitles the same way sign language brings meaning and effective communication to bodily gestures. It contributes to social good as it equalizes the value of humans in a social world regardless of their abilities or disabilities. Its empathic approach represents the perspective of a Deaf person and promotes 'Wave', a larger mission to break communication barriers through the gamification of sign language education.

Audio and dialogue taken from Little Moving Pictures short film, "Can You Read My Lips?" (

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This project began as a mobile app responding to a Information Design brief in my 2nd year of studios. It started with 3 main functions: to provide a background about sign-language and its importance in inclusive communication, teach lessons, and track learning progress.

Each phrase gives instructions for facial expressions, hand gestures and body language – the 3 components that make up expressive and clear sign language practices. (Note: Instructions are supported by video content in the actual app)

The lesson option provides an introductory-level selection of topics. This includes: Greetings, Warning, Compliments, Complaints and Questions. Each topic contains a series of phrases ranging from formal to cause, questions and statements and vary in tone too.

Creating a profile not only can connect users with other people that have a similar agenda for fostering communication, it can encourage the user to be consistent with their studies and work towards 'perfect weeks' to upgrade their status.