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Beaches Jazz Fest

This clip is a promotional video created for the purposes of a curricular project brief for
YSDN 4002: Type in Motion in the winter term of 2018. 

type in motion | motion graphics

The challenges of this task was to create a 20-30 second intro sequence (bumper) to promote an event. As long-distance running is one of my passions, I chose a running event close that my hometown looks forward to: The Beach Jazz Fest & Beaches Jazz Run. 

I felt that the Jazz Festival gets a lot of exposure while the Run is neglected and both could use some improvement in terms of their online presence. This piece was a fun opportunity for me to incorporate information, typography and music with a jazzy colour palette and a energetic vibe. 

After submission, the project was picked up by the coordinators of the Beaches Jazz Fest and is expected to act as their legitimate promotional video for this year's Beaches Jazz Run.